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Netstar, has appointed Rentrak, part of JSE-listed Supergroup, as its new ground recovery partner effective 1 March 2019.  As a result Netstar’s recovery footprint has significantly increased from 20 to 33 locations country wide.     

Customer Service Escalation

If at any time you are not happy with the service you have received, please escalate your concern to our MD's office, where the matter will be addressed with urgency. Email address is MDservicedesk@netstar.co.za

Netstar is partnering with Special Olympics South Africa to develop technology initiatives that will impact positively on the day-to-day lives of athletes. The initiatives include adapting technology to assist many of their athletes who cannot read or write with their communication skills.

Netstar, has concluded a partnership with SqwidNet, the Sigfox Operator in South Africa. The agreement will see Netstar, move beyond traditional vehicle tracking by availing new opportunities made possible by Sigfox’s technology.