Your holiday vehicle checklist

Going out of town for the festive season? There’s nothing that spoils a holiday quite like breaking down on the side of the road. So, if you’re travelling long distances during December and January, be sure that your car is thoroughly serviced by a reputable professional. Here is a pre-holiday vehicle checklist that will help you reach your destination safely.


Inspect your tyres to make sure that there is enough tread and that they are wearing evenly. Check tyre pressure – including the spare – and make sure you have all the necessary tools in case you need to change a tyre.


It’s crucial that your brakes are working optimally, so replace worn brake pads and check that brake discs, drums and pads are all in a good condition.


You never know what the weather will do on your trip, so test that your wipers are working properly. If your windows have chips or cracks – repair them – and fill your windscreen washer bottles with water.


You need your battery to be in top working condition, so clean the terminals and check that they’re fastened tightly. Your battery must be fitted securely in your vehicle. If your battery water levels are low, top up with distilled or purified water. Replace cracked or worn belts if necessary.


Adjust your headlights if they aren’t in the proper position and check that all bulbs and fuses are working, especially if you’re towing a trailer or caravan, or you’ll be travelling at night. Test all switches including hazard lights, indicators and defoggers.


All your filters (oil, air and fuel) must be clean and working efficiently. Check for any leaks and fill up fluids to the recommended levels, ensuring that all caps are securely fastened. Engine oil must be inspected and topped up if necessary.


All the seatbelts must be working properly and you should have a basic first-aid kit in your boot, along with reflective triangles and a torch.


Your car, trailer and driver’s licences must all be valid, and keep an up-to-date map in the vehicle or invest in a GPS. Have sufficient snacks and drinks in the car and if you’re travelling with kids, pack a few toys to keep them entertained, such as sticker books, or a portable DVD player so they can watch movies.

By using a vehicle checklist, you’ve taken the first step to protecting yourself, your passengers and other road users. Even if you’ve recently had your car serviced, check it again before a long road trip and don’t wait until the last minute in case something urgently needs to be fixed. With all your safety checks done – now you can enjoy your well-deserved break.

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