Want your kids to avoid no-go areas?

When it comes to protecting young children, it’s understandable that parents want to take all the safety precautions they can, especially when the kids are being driven in a vehicle. Don’t you want to ensure your children are protected when the nanny or au pair takes them to and from school or their playgroup?

If your answer is yes, then you can use the geo zone feature of Netstar’s Safe and Sound mobile application or website. A geo zone alert lets you create an imaginary barrier and if that barrier is breached, an alarm message is reported. This means that you can geo zone your neighbourhood, your children’s school and even prohibited areas that you don’t want your children to be in.

It works by allowing you to create a specific zone, and when the driver of the selected vehicle enters or exits the zone, or even switches the vehicle ignition on or off in the zone, the system will report an alert.

In addition to this, Safe and Sound Early Warning is geo-fence capable. This means that the unit will record its GPS location when the ignition is switched off and the unit is armed (using the key-ring activator or auto arm tag). If the vehicle leaves the location for longer than 30 seconds without being disarmed, it will send an unauthorised movement alarm and enter recovery mode.

The geo zone and geo-fence features of the Safe and Sound system are more Netstar innovations that help to keep your vehicles and loved ones protected.

To learn more about these features and others in the Safe and Sound product range, call Netstar today on 0860 12 24 36. A friendly consultant will help you find the best product to fit your lifestyle, your needs and your budget.