Five must-have driving apps

Technology is all around us and its simplifying how we go about our everyday lives. Here are five driving app suggestions to assist you on your next trip.

Safe and Sound
When you install one of our Safe and Sound products, you can download our Safe and Sound app too, for free. This app allows you to track all your vehicles on one map interface; depending on the product option you choose you can view the trip details always know where your car is, and request alert reports. It also keeps a history of all your trips (and driving style), and you can label your outings as business or personal trips.

This is the perfect app for a long road trip, and although its free, its unfortunately only available on iOS. You can now plan your trip according to the distance, the weather and the elevation. It will tell you about the must-see attractions along the way, and help you search for specific places you want to visit during your trip.

It doesnt matter how in tune you are with the traffic reports or even if you leave earlier or later, the traffic will always find you.Luckily, Waze is your way around that. This free app uses crowdsourced information from the actual users, which means issues (road blocks, accidents, slow moving traffic, etc.) are reported in real-time. It also looks at all the routes available, not just the ones, to plan the quickest or the shortest route for you.

Park Me
From missing traffic to parking cars. Have you ever searched for a parking spot for more than 5 minutes? Or have you found a perfect spot only to get back to your car and find a parking fine on your windscreen?  With Park Me, a free app, your parking troubles will be a thing of the past. This app will tell you where you can park (both street parking and car parks) as well as how much itll cost.

Do you know what your car is costing you? aCar can help you determine exactly how much youre spending on fuel and maintenance. It will help you keep track of your services and when the next one is due. You can add multiple vehicles, and all the needed information is neatly presented in colour-coded graphs. This app is free unless you opt for the Pro version that costs about R65, but unfortunately, its only available for Android.

Let Netstar worry about keeping your wheels safe and sound so that you can focus on all the other driving elements. Contact your partner on the road today for your vehicle tracking needs by calling 086 0 12 24 36.

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Information is taken from Wheels24.