4 Alternative fuel options

More and more research is being done to find alternative fuel sources for vehicles. Some vehicle manufacturing companies are already building their vehicles to use these alternative power options such as hybrid and electric vehicles. We wanted to know more about some of the alternatives being looked at, and here are four that stood out for us.


It can be used by either fuel cell vehicles or internal combustion engines (similar to standard vehicles). In a fuel cell model, the hydrogen and oxygen are combined to produce electricity where only water vapour is generated. This vapour is also produced by combustion engines instead of CO2. Although a lot of research is being done with regard to hydrogen vehicles, the infrastructure (to fill up) is not in place yet to produce them at a consumer level.


Some of the earliest automobiles use electricity to power the vehicle. Unfortunately, as time passed and vehicles evolved, batteries could not keep up with the amount of power needed to move a vehicle, let alone at high speed. However, now that battery technology has caught up we’ll see more and more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road.


Although ethanol is plant-based alcohol made from corn or sugar cane, it’s not in any way for human consumption. As a cleaner option to petrol, it’s a great alternative fuel contender to power your vehicle. In fact, it’s already being mixed with petrol to lower emission gasses overseas. Unfortunately, ethanol is not easy to create, and some have made the argument that if farmers were to make more money from fuel-crops, then they might stop food production.



This is as close to DIY-diesel as you can get. It’s possible to turn everyday cooking oil into biodiesel and use it in a standard diesel vehicle. Biodiesel is cleaner and more affordable than regular diesel, and you can create it at home.  If the right process of manufacturing biodiesel is not followed, your vehicle could get severely damaged; hence, it is best to purchase biodiesel from an accredited manufacturer.

You can learn more about traditional fuel consumption here and find tried-and-tested tips to reduce your fuel consumption here. Whatever fuel-mobile you have, Netstar is ready to keep it safe and sound. Speak to our agents about finding the best vehicle tracking option for you by visiting www.netstar.co.za or calling 0860 12 24 36.


Information source: Energy and How Stuff Works